Susan Elizabeth Ball Demo Reel 2014 (Animation) from Susan Elizabeth Ball on Vimeo.
00:02-00:06/00:15-00:17/00:17-00:22/00:37-00:47 The Wee Helper (short classical film) - concept, storyboard, character, layout, background, colour, animation, compositing/Toonboom, Photoshop, Premier, After effects, Pen and Pencil on Paper

00:23-00:26 Jacques the Silhouette (animation project)-Pencil on Paper

00:06-00:08/00:08-00:15/00:32-00:37 A Load of Rubbish (short Flash film) – concept, storyboard, character, background, colour, animation, compositing, sound/ Flash, Photoshop, After effects, Premier

00:26-00:32 Binbag (Flash lip sync)-Flash

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  1. Wow awesome! Love the girl and the hippo; love the transition from line drawings to the colored animation. The raindrop guy is great, and the guy with the sticky foot is great too – hey it’s all great!