Friday, 1 April 2011


Marc Davis

Thought i would add in a small section dedicated to my influences since i have already been sketching a lot inspired by various animators and artists. Firstly one of my big inspirations is Marc davis, the Disney imagineer and legendary animator that was part of The Nine Old Men. I have always found his paintings and sketches stunning, as they are so detailed and rich with colour. He was responsible for many of the Disneyland attractions such as Pirates of The Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. I grew up surrounded by these stunning illustrations due to going to disney a lot with my family, and found that they were a real inspiration to my work.  As i got older i started looking through a lot of the imagineering books and was very interested in the artwork and the attention to detail that went into making these rides. I found that Davis's input for very important to the theme park as a lot of his work inspired how all of the lands and attractions would look. His work itself shows a great amount of detail which is always something that i tend to do with my drawings by overpowering them with detail. I have always tended to use his technique of black ink with coloured, which can give a very beautiful illustrative style. I was able to find this link to a lot of his illustrations and design work for the parks so hope you enjoy them!

This is my favourite paintings by Marc Davis. If you have ever been to the parks this image is very familiar to you I am guessing. I love it is as it is a sinister image yet Davis always is able to put a touch of humour into his illustrations.

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