Monday, 25 April 2011

More of my Inspirations

I have decided to come up with more in the way of my inspirations. recently my dissertation is based upon CGI and puppetry. These have always been two passions of mine since i was a kid, as i was taken to theme parks at such a young age and just became fascinated with the environment and the ways thinks have worked. I loved the idea  at looking how make up and prosthetics were made, it was just always a captivating thing for me to watch animatronics and puppets in motion. I really got this passion for handmade puppets and son on from my dad, as he was always very interested in the technical and visual side of how things worked. I think one of my inspirations was taken from my Dad who seemed to have always been a fan of The Muppet Show. When i was little i was fascinated by how they looked and were so real to me that i believed that they actually had a physical presence as their characteristics always stood out in my mind. I therefore went onto watching classic films such as The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, which in my opinion was outstanding for their time that they were released, especially in the early 80's were CGI and puppetry had not fully developed yet. It was more the style of the characters that intrigued me as a kid as i never once remembered them as puppets. Which to me suggests the ability that Henson had to entice such a young audience to his imagination.

To me the fact that i still remember everything about The Muppets and The Dark Crystal shows how his work is timeless and shall never be forgotten. He showed audiences the beautiful art of puppetry, and how it can create some of the most memorable characters of all time. I think what he did for the industry was incredible, and to me he is an inspiration to younger generations, as his imagination and his art works were beyond his time. 

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